The IXL Group is an innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing enterprise based in Victoria, Australia for almost 160 years. A family owned and all Australian company that has been operating since 1858, the IXL Group employs about 200 people Australia wide.

IXL has developed and supplies a diverse range of customers. Throughout its history the company has been notable for its innovative approach, changing with market trends and the demands of customers.

The company prides itself on solving problems for clients and creating solutions in the manufacturing sector.

At IXL Advanced Manufacturing our integrated design and assembly solution allows for product design, prototyping, tooling, testing through to lean manufacturing principles enabling us to be an innovative, agile and advanced manufacturing organization.

Our process implementation provides the design engineering focus to ensure we achieve the best possible result for our customers and their projects.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Project Management
  • Design for manufacture
  • Prototyping including 3D printing
  • Tooling, fixture and gauging
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Production design systems

Quality Assuarance:

The IXL Group Business Management systems include quality accreditations, process management, documentation, visual feedback, operating procedures to ensure conformation, repeatability, traceability and constant improvements.