IXL is an innovative design, engineering, construction and advanced manufacturing group that operates across numerous industrial sectors. Its operations are wide-ranging and far-reaching: Project management; design for manufacture; prototyping including 3D printing; tooling, fixture and gauging; dimensional analysis; and production design systems.

The award-winning IXL Group’s multi-skilled, experienced workforce and executive pride themselves on their problem-solving, creative solutions and client focus. But IXL is about much more than simply good design, manufacturing and responsiveness. Like its name suggests, it is about excelling -- in all of its endeavours.

IXL’s commitment, its creativity and its expertise mean clients receive the right advice, the right guidance, to meet not just their requests but to also recognise opportunities that can optimise their business value. IXL instinctively searches beyond the client’s expectations in order to enhance and add value to their operations.

This constant raising of the bar -- across all aspects of its business -- has made IXL a multiple industry excellence award recipient and a respected and trusted name.


IXL Systems makes reliable, quality and innovative data cable trays, channels and ladders, pipe clamps and grip mechanisms for architecture, electrical distribution, infrastructure, rail and transport, and general engineering.


From standard commercial buildings to structurally-engineered support grids for data centres and medical imaging support grids, our design team provides a rock-solid solution for your project. Custom lengths and finishes are available on request. IXL Systems Channel products are engineered and designed as best in class to ensure a quality installation.


Made of Australian steel, IXL Systems’ cable support product range is optimised to meet all quality standards. IXL ladders are built to meet the Nema standard and deliver structural and aesthetic excellence. IXL trays are optimised to protect cables in high-density applications where bottom rows can be compromised by weight. From the lightest of commercial applications to the heaviest of industry installations, IXL Systems has the product, the design -- and the solution.


IXL Systems has a diverse and comprehensive range of pipe supports. It supplies the multiple industries:

- Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R)

- Commercial plumbing

- Industrial plumbing

- Mechanical services

- Oil and gas

- Mining

- Specialist engineering

- Specialist fabrication


Metal enclosures in the IXL Systems range are manufactured to a class-leading standard.

Think universal single and double door, NBN ready enclosures, and special stainless enclosures.

IXL offers a range of powder-coated and stainless steel enclosures for all industries and all applications.

Our specialised design capability offers custom options to your specification: custom sizes, pre-cut out sections, custom thicknesses. Our technical sales team is ready to assist with your requirements


The IXL Systems range of architectural laser cut screens and metallic green wall pods are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colours.

When it comes to achieving a desirable aesthetic for your office, home or garden, contact us to discuss your options.



Often projects face challenges. We’ll work with you to find new solutions as as problems arise. We’ll work with you on changing time frames and be as responsive as we can. It is all about providing the best practical, working solutions.

IXL is committed to you as our customer. We will work with you to deliver new solutions to solve your problems in a timely manner. Our staff will work tirelessly to deliver your projects on time and in budget.


The IXL Group Business Management systems include quality accreditations, process management, documentation, visual feedback and operating procedures to ensure conformity, repeatability, traceability and continuous improvement.


Fast turnaround on enquiries, fast to deliver quotes, fast to deliver the product.


We’ve been innovating since before it was a buzzword. We are using the latest technology to revise the role of manufacturing and to create new products and solutions.


IXL Systems is in excellent company as part of the IXL Group of five discreet companies, each with its distinct skill-set, experience and cutting-edge functionality to service the market expertly and professionally.

Its four sister companies are:

IXL Solar provides framing and components for the commercial solar industry, enhancing the renewable energy sector.

IXL Metal Castings produces iron and steel castings and machining services for smelters and refineries, rail and transport, mining and mineral processing, pumps and valves, power generation, and general engineering.

IXL Home manufactures heating and ventilation, consumer robotics and gas log fires for electrical retail, wholesale, hardware, lighting and architecture markets.

IXL Advanced Manufacturing produces metal stampings, roll-formed components and welded assemblies for automotive original equipment manufacturers, appliance, solar, rail and transport, and general engineering purposes. 

When time is money, fit matters