N4L - NEMA 4 Ladder

SKU: N4L1506H
NEMA4 cable ladder meets NEMA 20C which is the international loading requirement.
The ladder is available in cable laying widths of 150, 300, 450 and 600mm. The standard length is 6m.
Available finishes below.
• Mild Steel and Hot Dip Galvanised as per AS/NZS4680
• Stainless Steel as per AS1449
NEMA4 comes with a wide range of accessories and shapes to suit any installations.

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NEMA4 Ladder offers 343kg/m over 3m span or 149kg/m over 6m span. Various samples of each specimen have been tested to destruction to determine the simple span’s failure point. The safe working load values include a safety factor of 1.5, which is determined to be the safe loading capacity.