XT3 - tray

XT3 Tray consist of a single form piece of steel and shows excellent performance for cable support systems.
XT3 Tray offers a lightweight, quick installation and continuous support of cables. The tray is suitable to both outside and inside installation by offering different finish.
The tray is available in cable laying widths of 150, 300, 450 and 600mm. The standard length is 3m.
Available finishes below.
• Pre-Galvanised as per AS1397
• Hot Dip Galvanised as per AS/NZS4680
XT3 Tray comes with a wide range of accessories to perform any shapes in installation.

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XT3 Tray offers 32kg/m over 3m span or 126kg/m over 1.5m span. Various samples of each specimen have been tested to destruction to determine the simple span’s failure point. The safe working load values include a safety factor of 1.5, which is determined to be the safe loading capacity.